Dead World - Illustration - Vector - Wayne's World

This is the third release I've done this week. Inspired by zombies and Wayne's World.

Bluebird Press Stickers - Illustration - Vector - Stickers

Sticker designs and a mascot idea for the guys at Bluebird Press.

Bluebird Press Screen Tee - Illustration - Vector - Bluebird Press - Apparel

I work really closely with Bluebird Press, creating what I can for them, when I can. This is a team tee that ties in with some packaging I did for them.

Bluebird Press Super Tee - Illustration - Vector - Bluebird Press - Apparel

My first tee I did for the guys at Bluebird Press. Been released on a few different colour ways too. Which is great.

Assorted Logo Designs - Branding - Vector - Logo

This is a collection of logos I've done over the past few months (January - May fine picked).

Work When Others Are Resting - Illustration - Vector - Apparel - Made By Few

I got the chance to work with the awesome guys over at Made By Few. Trying something different with my typography work.

Sticker Assortment - Illustration - Vector - Sticker - Stickerapp

I work with the guys at stickerapp a great deal. These are just personal designs.

Stay Dead Tee - Illustration - Vector - Friday the 13th - Apparel

My second release. Inspired by one of my favourite slasher franchises.

Accent Apparel - Illustration - Vector - Branding

This was done for ZERO Clothing. They wanted something clean and strong. I wanted something with mountains.

Accent Apparel - Illustration - Vector - Branding

I was approached by the team at Accent Apparel to create a crest like illustration to be used in their 2013 range.

AnyForty & T-world x Purdi Petunia - Illustration - Vector

So mid/end of June I won a tee from AnyForty, being so stoked I spent a tad amount of time creating the best way I know how to say thanks :-).

Courtney Louise Photography - Identity - Typography

Courtney Louise Photography wanted a feminine, clean and ornate logo. I went with something quite simpler, but wanted to keep it 'classy' with a 'pop'.

A. J. Hockley - Identity - Illustration

A. J. Hockley is a sound engineer and he wanted something clean and not specific to audio work.

BOWARROWAPPLE - Identity - Illustration

When BOWARROWAPPLE came to me, he had no music for me to go by so I just had to go through examples of what he was aiming for. I came up with this. Something simple and something not too clean.

So Foreign Records - Apparel Design - Vector

So Foreign Records wanted my take on their existing logo for a run of tees, crews or similar. So I did this.

Red Yeti - Character Illustration - Vector

Red Yeti contacted me and wanted me to create something fun and bold.

Red Yeti - Traditional Illustration - Vector

The guys at Red Yeti wanted something simple and clean for some easy screen prints. I put this in for them, they loved it.

Matt Robinson Audio - Logo

My friend Matt Robinson needed a logo for his audio company. So I ceated something simple and clean. With a slight hint of fun.

Hattie Watson - Brand Identity

Hattie Watson wanted me to create something similar to what she had doodled down. I wanted to do it in a way I thought would fit her best.

Illustration - Vector

The Rookie League gave me the chance to throw my own take on a crest/sheild for them. This is what I got. Steel City!

Jet White - Branding

I undertook branding work for a snowboard/ski company called Jet White. They wanted something bold and with a snowflake icon from their old logo. This is what I created.

Home - Branding

I was given a brief by Home to create branding for their main room in the new nightclub. I had free range with the brief and wanted to create something fresh and bold.

Breaking Necks - Illustration

This is for an upcoming printing company which will be around sometime in the first quarter of 2012. Keep your eyes out for more coming soon.

Henry's of Derby - Branding

A family orientated photographer from Derby wanted new branding for a new look to their online presence. They wanted something clean, simple and something that was a defined classical look.

Beard - Illustration

I enjoy drawing beards. This is more evident here than most places.

2012 - Illustration

This was something new to bring in 2012 and to get my illustrator skills warmed up for a busy year.

Self Portrait - Illustration

Here's an old illustrator piece which I did for a self portrait week I had in 2011.